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Know your face shape – Get the best hairstyle for your perfect face shape.

If you are struggling with your hairstyle and can’t afford a good hairstylist for your hairstyle then read this blog till the end and believe me, you will not be struggling anymore again with your hairstyle. Choosing a hairstyle can be a tricky thing but if done correctly and if it suits best for your face shape then there’s nothing better than that.

Males don’t have much options when it comes to fashion as compared to the females. So they are required to identify their face and body shape and according to that they must select their fashion. To get the best hairstyle for you, at first you need to understand that what your face shape is. If you already know about your face shape then you are good to search Google using a search term “[Your face shape] hairstyle 2019” or if you don’t know then let’s first discuss the different types of face shapes.

Different types of face shapes

There are 7 face shapes in total – Heart, Oval, Square, Triangle, Circle, Oblong, and Diamond.

1)Heart face shape

Heart-shaped faces are somewhat wider in the brow and narrow toward the jawline. You probably also have a pointy chin. This shape can be referred to as the “inverted-triangle."

2)Oval face shape

You're an oblong in the Length of your face equals 1 1/2 times the width of their face. You are lucky enough to own the most elastic face shape and can wear almost any outfit.

3)Square face shape
If you have a square face then the width of your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are equal.Also, you have sharp, angular features, including a sharp jawline. If your features are soft and rounded, it's more likely that you have a round face shape.

4)Triangle face shape

Your jawline is wider than your cheekbone diameter, which in turn is much wider than your brow. It's probable that your cheekbones are directly and taper out of your chin to your forehead using a prominent jawline.

5)Circle face shape

Round faces are inclined to be tender with non-angular attributes and full cheeks. You get a traditional round face in case the width of the brow, cheekbones, and chin are equivalent. Additionally, your jaw is a bit curved instead of angular.

6)Oblong face shape

Long face contours are more than they are broad, which explains the reason why the shape is occasionally known as "oblong" In case your cross contour ratio is greater than 1:1 1/2, then you definitely drop into this face contour zone.

7)Diamond face shape

If you are a diamond, then you will have a narrow forehead and a narrow chin which are about exactly the exact same width. The cheekbones are the broadest point of their face, and the chin is frequently pointy. Nonetheless, it's the hairline that's the telltale sign--about this facial shape, it is narrower compared to any of the other seven different types.

So these are the 7 face shapes and any one among them is yours too. If you have figured that out then you are good to do the searching part - [Your face shape] hairstyle 2019. If you are still struggling with your face shape then another way of getting it is by taking a selfie and marking the edges of your face and then on the basis of the descriptions made for each face shape, you can find yours. Good luck! Also check our most inspirational wanderlust quotes.


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